YouTube Live Support for Broadcast and Broadcast PRO

YouTube streamers may be glad to know, that in combination with our work on the API integration last week, our WordPress themes for streamers now fully support YouTube Live! Broadcast Companion (YouTube) unlocks the exact same functionality for our WordPress themes as our Twitch equivalent – Broadcast Companion – which we’ll now be re-naming … Read more

Mixer Support for Broadcast and Broadcast PRO!, Microsoft’s answer to has been slowly growing over the past couple of years (and was previously known as beam). As the platform grows, more and more Mixer users have been requesting that we integrate our WordPress products – namely Broadcast and Broadcast PRO – with the Mixer API. Well today we were finaly … Read more

Broadcast PRO, Twitch Rail PRO and Twitch Wall PRO!

Back in April I announced my plans to make some major upgrades to our premium WordPress Theme for Twitch Streamers – Broadcast. Well it’s been a busy year and those plans finally came to life last month when I released the long-awaited 2.0 update to Broadcast PRO, completely rebuilding it from the ground up. With … Read more

Broadcast 1.1.0

Hello Weasels! First of all a big thanks to everyone who has either tried Broadcast for free or purchased Broadcast PRO over the last couple of months. Seeing the steady stream of downloads and seeing the cool things you guys are doing with the theme gives us motivation to continue to improve! With that, comes Broadcast 1.1.0 … Read more