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Twitch API Fix

Twitch recently made some changes to their API, requiring developers to register and authenticate all requests to the Twitch API, no matter how simple those requests are. This isn’t something we were previously doing in both Broadcast and Broadcast PRO.

As it is now being enforced, we have made the necessary changes to both Broadcast and Broadcast PRO. Free users will have to download the latest theme and re-upload to their WordPress installation manually, while PRO users will be able to update their theme to the latest files directly through the WordPress interface(yay!).

For more information on how to update to the latest version of Broadcast, please see our FAQ here, or get in touch with us directly here.

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Broadcast 1.1.0

Hello Weasels!

First of all a big thanks to everyone who has either tried Broadcast for free or purchased Broadcast PRO over the last couple of months. Seeing the steady stream of downloads and seeing the cool things you guys are doing with the theme gives us motivation to continue to improve!

With that, comes Broadcast 1.1.0

The big new feature in Broadcast 1.1.0 is embedded streams! Now you can choose the desired action of your ‘Watch Now’ buttons whenever you’re online. You can either continue to point users to your twitch page, or you can now embed your stream directly in your site. You’ll find this new option under ‘Theme Options‘ -> ‘Stream Settings‘.

As well as the above new feature, we also fixed a couple of bugs that appeared due to a recent update to both Chrome and Firefox. If you find that your current version of Broadcast has a bugged navigation in either of these browsers, upgrading to the latest version will fix this.

Remember, Broadcast PRO users get free, instant updates through the WordPress interface as long as they have provided a valid license key. Regular Broadcast users will have to upgrade manually, details on how to do that can be found on our support page here.

Until next time!

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Broadcast 1.0.0 Release!

We are very excited to announce the we have officially released our first WordPress Theme ‘Broadcast‘ and ‘Broadcast PRO‘. If you’re looking for a WordPress theme to accompany your streaming career, Broadcast integrates flawlessly with Twitch’s API to pull all sorts of information about your live stream.

All it needs to get going is your twitch username, it’s really that simple.

You can find out more about the requirements to get up and running on our support page here, or alternatively you can get in touch with more specific questions directly via our contact form here.

You can also find us on Twitter where we’ll be happy to answer questions, provide support and keep in touch!

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Broadcast Theme Coming Soon!

Welcome gamer friends, to a new home for Streamweasel WordPress Themes and Plugins, specifically aimed at online gaming content creators. Our flagship theme ‘Broadcast‘ is currently under development and we’re looking to launch it within the next couple of months. Broadcast is specifically designed to integrate with Twitch to give online streamers a simple, elegant and beautiful website which they can call their own.

Within minutes, Broadcast can be configured to pull in all sorts of information from your stream, including ‘online status’, ‘game currently playing’, ‘viewer count’ and more. Use Broadcast to deliver your streaming schedule to fans, to make big announcements or to simply promote yourself as a professional, dedicated online streamer.

No other WordPress theme out there integrates so tightly with Twitch straight out the box. After trying Broadcast for FREE, why not take your website to the next level with Broadcast PRO? Broadcast PRO unlocks a ton of cool features, as well as entitles you to a lifetime of support and access to each and every new feature we build into Broadcast in the coming years.