Twitch Tools

Here at StreamWeasels, we have been developing WordPress themes and plugins to integrate with Twitch’s API for over 5 years. Here we aim to share some simple tools built using Twitch’s Helix API.

Convert Twitch Username to ID

Simply input a Twitch username to display their corresponding Twitch ID.

Convert YouTube Username to ID

Simply input a YouTube username to display their corresponding YouTube channel ID.

Twitch Username Checker

Check the availability of a Twitch Username without having to create an account.

Twitch Bits to USD Calculator

Input any number of Twitch Bits to see the USD Value.

Developer Guides

A Twitch Auth token is required to interact with the new Twitch Helix API. This requires a Twitch Client ID and Client Secret from Twitch. Check out our guides below to get your Twitch Auth token in jQuery, Javascript and PHP (with workign examples).

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