Twitch WordPress Plugins

StreamWeasels have the biggest collection of Twitch WordPress plugins for streamers and gamers. For instance, you can display a Twitch stream status on your website, display groups of streams, or even lock down private content to twitch subscribers. We have a variety of Twitch WordPress plugins to suit your needs.

Check our our Twitch WordPress themes too!

Introducing the Twitch Integration WordPress plugins

All of our WordPress plugins for streamers are built with integration in mind. Our plugins connect to the new Twitch API and pull information on Twitch live streams to display them on your website. With a variety of layouts available, StreamWeasels Twitch Integration is the most powerful Twitch Integration WordPress plugin on the market.

Twitch Integration for WordPress

Our latest plugin – StreamWeasels Twitch integration – is the most powerful Twitch plugin for WordPress on the market. Great for streamers, clans, guilds, teams, eSports or any other website that might want to show a collection of Twitch streams.

StreamWeasels Twitch Integration comes with a variety of Add-on plugins to allow you to embed streams in a variety of different layouts.

Our Other Plugins

Our family of WordPress plugins for Twitch is growing all the time. Check out some of our other WordPress plugins below.

Ultima Gaming WordPress Theme

Ultima Gaming is our brand new WordPress Theme for Streamers, Gamers, Esports, Clans, Teams, and more! Comes with 12 flexible template components, giving you complete control over your page layout and content.

Just as you would expect from StreamWeasels, it integrates with Twitch and YouTube straight out the box.