Embed Kick Streams on your WordPress Website

Introducing our latest Kick WordPress plugin for displaying and embedding Kick live streams on your WordPress website.

StreamWeasels Kick Integration is the first and most powerful Kick WordPress plugin on the market.

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Powerful WordPress Kick Plugins from StreamWeasels

Our powerful new Kick WordPress plugin allows you to embed Kick live streams in your WordPress website in 3 simple steps.

  • Connect your plugin to the Kick API.
  • Add the StreamWeasels Kick Block or Shortcode to your page.
  • Choose the Kick channels you want to display.

Our Kick Integration for WordPress super simple. Display any number of channels from Kick, display their online status, customise the colours and number of columns to display.

StreamWeasels has been building Twitch and YouTube plugins for WordPress for over 5 years, and now we’re applying our plugin expertise to the latest popular streaming platform – Kick.

If you simply want to display Kick content from your own Kick channel, or you want to display a group of Kick channels and only display Kick channels which are live, StreamWeasels Kick Integration can do it all.

WordPress Kick Plugins for everyone

StreamWeasels Kick Integration comes with a variety of different layouts – all featured below and all suited for different tasks. StreamWeasels Kick Integration can do it all. Display a large number of Kick streams with Kick Wall, display your current LIVE status from Kick with Kick Status or showcase your favourite Kick streamers with the Kick Feature layout.

Kick WordPress Plugin Demos

Want to see our Kick WordPress plugins in action? Click on any of the quick-links below to be taken to the live Kick WordPress plugin demo pages.

Ultima Gaming WordPress Theme

Ultima Gaming is our brand new WordPress Theme for Streamers, Gamers, Esports, Clans, Teams, and more! Comes with 12 flexible template components, giving you complete control over your page layout and content.

Just as you would expect from StreamWeasels, it integrates with Twitch and YouTube straight out the box.