Twitch WordPress Themes

StreamWeasels have a collection of popular and highly-rated Twitch WordPress themes. From streamers looking for their own twitch-integrated website, to Esports organisations looking for a professional site for their teams – StreamWeasels has it all.

Or WordPress themes integrate with YouTube Live too!

Ultima Gaming WordPress Theme

Our brand new theme – Ultima Gaming – is perfect for all types of gaming websites. Streamers, esports, gamers, teams, clans and guilds can all use the Ultima Gaming WordPress theme to setup a professional and highly-customisable website.

Ultima Gaming comes with Twitch and YouTube Live integration straight out-the-box. No add-on plugins necessary.

Ultima Gaming WordPress Theme

For Streamers
FROM $59

Use Ultima Gaming for your professional streaming WordPress website. Integrates with Twitch and YouTube Live straight out-the-box.

Ultima Gaming WordPress Theme

For Esports
FROM $59

Use Ultima Gaming for your professional Esports website. Unite your team under a professional website and use it to showcase the team, their content, and upcoming matches.

Ultima Gaming WordPress Theme

For Teams, Clans and Guilds
FROM $59

Use Ultima Gaming for your gaming Team, Clan or Guild website. Use it to blog, make announcements, keep track of the team’s schedule and more.

Broadcast WordPress Themes for Streamers

Broadcast is the perfect WordPress theme for streamers looking for a professional presence on the web. Comes with Twitch integration, a stream countdown, VODS, blogging support, affiliate and sponsor space and much more.

Broadcast also integrates with YouTube Live with our simple add-on plugin.

Broadcast Lite


Broadcast Lite is our FREE WordPress Theme for Streamers, built specifically for flawless integration with Twitch and YouTube Live straight out the box.

Broadcast PRO

FROM $59

Upgrade to Broadcast PRO to unlock custom colours, customize your layout and titles, toggle sections on and off, add special image effects to your masthead and add an advanced schedule countdown which allows you to set a different stream time every day.

Add Subscriber-only Pages to your WordPress site

Looking to provide extra value and more incentives for users to subscribe to your Twitch channel?

Twitch Sub Private Pages allows you to lock WordPress pages behind Twitch authentication – meaning you can display private content to your Twitch Subscribers.