Twitch WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes built for Twitch Live Streamers

StreamWeasels have two popular and highly-rated Twitch WordPress themes. From streamers looking for their own twitch-integrated website, to Esports organisations looking for a professional site for their teams – StreamWeasels has it all.

Ultima Gaming is our most powerful WordPress theme with both Twitch and YouTube integration built right in.

Ultima Gaming – Twitch WordPress theme

Twitch WordPress Theme

Ultima Gaming theme for WordPress

Our newest WordPress theme – Ultima Gaming – is perfect for all types of gaming websites. Streamers, esports, gamers, teams, clans and guilds can all use the Ultima Gaming WordPress theme to setup a professional and highly-customisable website in WordPress.

  • Flexible template with 15 components to drag-and-drop
  • Display your Twitch Live / YouTube Live Status
  • Display your latest vods from Twitch or YouTube
  • Set your schedule and countdown to your next stream
Ultima Gaming WordPress theme

Twitch WordPress Theme

Broadcast Theme for WordPress

Broadcast is our classic WordPress theme, perfect for a Twitch or YouTube streamer looking for a professional presence on the web. Setup for simplicity, Broadcast is ideal for a small website with Twitch and YouTube integration, a stream countdown, VODS, blogging support, affiliate and sponsor space and much more.

Broadcast PRO WordPress theme
  • Simpler template with flexible layout
  • Display your Twitch Live / YouTube Live Status
  • Set your schedule and countdown to your next stream
  • Build pages with WordPress’ new Block Editor

Free Twitch WordPress Theme

Broadcast Lite free theme for WordPress

Broadcast Lite is our lightweight Twitch WordPress theme which is completely free. It comes with a handful of features which make it a great free option for any Twitch streamer looking to put together a simple Twitch-integrated website for their stream.

  • 100% free WordPress theme
  • Display your Twitch Live / YouTube Live Status
  • Set your schedule and countdown to your next stream
  • Build pages with WordPress’ new Block Editor
Broadcast Lite Free WordPress theme

What makes a Twitch WordPress theme?

WordPress is a great platform to get started building your own website, with very little knowledge of coding required. One of the things that makes WordPress stand out from the crowd is the massive WordPress theme and plugin marketplace. Thankfully Twitch have allowed developers access to their API (application programmable interface). The Twitch API allows any developer access to data directly from twitch – which is exactly what we at StreamWeasels use to integrate Twitch into our WordPress themes and plugins.

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Twitch Integration WordPress Plugin

Looking to take your WordPress theme to the next level? StreamWeasels Twitch Integration is the most powerful Twitch Integration WordPress plugin on the market.

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