Twitch Bits, also simply known as Bits, are Twitch’s very own virtual currency and our Twitch Bits to USD calculator allows you to easily find the USD value of any number of bits. Bits were introduced in 2016 as part of Amazon’s plan to keep donations to Twitch streamers within the platform. Users buy Bits directly from Twitch and donate or ‘cheer’ them to their favourite streamer. This allows users to essentially donate money to streamers while allowing Twitch to take a small percentage of the donation.

Previous to Twitch Bits, many streamers were using services like PayPal and other online payment processors to manage their donations. Those 3rd party services were open to abuse, as services like PayPal allow for users to ‘chargeback’ their donations, claiming they were made fraudulently. This leaves the streamer out of pocket as they have to cover the payment processor fees.

Twitch Bits solves the problem as they are managed directly through Twitch, there is no way to make any sort of chargeback and Twitch also takes a small cut of all Bits donations.

Bits are purchased at a rate of 100 Bits / $1.40, with $0.40 being the cut that Twitch takes. This means that for every 100 Bits donated to a streamer, the streamer will recieve exactly $1.00

Easily Convert Twitch Bits to USD

Simply enter any amount of Twitch Bits below and click Convert Bits to USD. The Twitch Bits to USD Calculator makes a simple calculation to figure out how many dollars the Bits are worth. You can check out our other Twitch tools here.

How much are Bits on Twitch

100 Bits on Twitch is worth exactly $1

How much is 1000 Bits on Twitch

1000 Bits on Twitch is worth exactly $10

How much is 10000 Bits on Twitch

10000 Bits on Twitch is worth exactly $100

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