Twitch Username Checker

Twitch Usernames can be hard to come by now, which is why we built a Twitch Username checker. With over 20 million daily active users and the ability to change your Twitch Username once every 60 days, there are a lot of name changes going on and attractive username are highly sought-after.

When a user changes their username on Twitch, their old name is released back into the pool of available usernames after 6 months. This means that new usernames often become available and if you’re not constantly checking, you may find the username you’re looking for comes and goes.

This is why it’s important to regularly check the pool of available usernames daily, if you’re serious about claiming your username of choice. We have built a tool to do exactly that.

Check Availability of any Twitch Username

Simply enter any Twitch username below and click Check Availability. The Twitch Username Checker makes use of the Twitch Helix API to make the check. You can check out our other Twitch API tools here.

Usernames must be at least 4 characters long and must only contain alphanumeric characters.

Professional Websites for your Twitch Stream and Gaming Communities

Here at StreamWeasels we have over 5 years experience building professional websites for Twitch streamers, gaming communities, teams, clans and eSports organisations.

All of our products integrate with the Twitch API, meaning we can display stream information like streamer live status, game playing, viewer count, vods and more.

If you’re looking for your own website in the Twitch or gaming space, we can help.

Twitch Integration WordPress plugin with Wall layout

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