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When you’re just starting out on YouTube, your YouTube channel name will simply be equal to your YouTube channel ID, which is a random 24-character string. However, when you gain your first 100 subscribers, YouTube allows you to create a custom YouTube channel name.

There’s a big difference between a YouTube channel ID and YouTube channel name. On this page you can find any YouTube channel ID by simply entering their username in the YouTube channel ID finder below:

There is a way to find your Channel ID in the YouTube settings interface, but sometimes it can be easier to simply convert any YouTube Username to ID using the tool below.

How to Find YouTube Channel ID

Enter your YouTube username or YouTube handle below to find YouTube Channel ID

Simply enter any YouTube username or handle below and click Convert Username to ID. This tools makes use of the YouTube API to make the conversion. You can check out our other API tools here.

Select YouTube handle, username or legacy:

YouTube handles are now considered the default for YouTube, although some channels may still be using a channel username.


By making use of the conversion tool above, you agree to abide by YouTube’s Terms of Use and Google Privacy Policy. We do not store any YouTube Data from this conversion tool on our own servers.

What is a YouTube Channel ID?

Every channel on YouTube has a unique Channel ID. This is used by YouTube as a unique identifier for your channel. When you first get started on YouTube, you will see that the link to your YouTube channel includes your channel ID.

YouTube Channel ID example:

You may notice that many larger YouTube channels do not have a visible Channel ID in their YouTube URL. This is because when a YouTube channel gains it’s first 100 subscribers, YouTube will invite you to create a YouTube username, which will replace the channel ID in your URL and look something like this:

YouTube Username example:

Why do I need a YouTube Channel ID?

There are certain tasks the require you to know a YouTube Channel ID. For example, you may need to know a YouTube Channel ID if you are making use of Google’s YouTube API. You may also need to know a Channel ID if you are trying to embed YouTube Video and Live Streams.

What is a YouTube username?

YouTube usernames come in two forms. Firstly, you will not gain a YouTube username in your YouTube URL until you gain 100 subscribers. When you do, you can choose a YouTube username and your link will change to something like this:

YouTube Username example:

What is a YouTube legacy username?

There is one more type of YouTube username which you might see on YouTube. Certain users with very old channels may have a URL that includes the /user/ item. It is no longer possible to get a YouTube URL which includes the /user/ item, as they are now discontinued and considered legacy URLs by YouTube.

Legacy YouTube Username example:

The most interesting thhing about the legacy YouTube URLs is that they also work on very short URLs like this:

What is a YouTube handle?

In 2022 YouTube has introduced a feature called YouTube handles. YouTube handles work in a similar way to other social media platform handles. A YouTube handle always begins with a @ sign, and you can now ‘tag’ other channels in any YouTube title, comment or YouTube short, simply by typing out there @ handle. The YouTube @ handle acts as a direct link to that channel, also providing notifications when a user is tagged with their @ handle.

YouTube handle example:

You can convert a YouTube handle to a Channel ID using the tool above and selecting YouTube Handle.

Convert a Twitch Username to ID instead.

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