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When you’re just starting out on YouTube, your YouTube channel name will simply be equal to your YouTube channel ID, which is a random 24-character string. However, when you gain your first 100 subscribers, YouTube allows you to create a custom YouTube channel name.

The difference between a YouTube channel ID and channel name looks something like the code below. Both the links below will direct you to the same place, PewDiePie’s YouTube channel – one uses his YouTube username and the other uses his YouTube channel ID.

YouTube Username example:

You may also sometimes see YouTube usernames like this:

YouTube Channel ID example:

There is a way to find your Channel ID in the YouTube settings interface, but sometimes it can be easier to simply convert any YouTube Username to ID using the tool below.

Convert YouTube Username to Channel ID

Simply enter any YouTube username below and click Convert Username to ID. This tools makes use of the YouTube API to make the conversion. You can check out our other API tools here.

Convert a Twitch Username to ID instead.

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