Mixer Support for Broadcast and Broadcast PRO!

Mixer.com, Microsoft’s answer to twitch.tv has been slowly growing over the past couple of years (and was previously known as beam).

As the platform grows, more and more Mixer users have been requesting that we integrate our WordPress products – namely Broadcast and Broadcast PRO – with the Mixer API.

Well today we were finaly able to make that happen with the release of our first Mixer WordPress plugin – Broadcast Companion (Mixer).

Broadcast Companion (Mixer) unlocks the exact same functionality for our WordPress themes as our Twitch equivalent – Broadcast Companion – which we’ll now be re-naming to Broadcast Companion (Twitch).

When combined with Broadcast or Broadcast PRO, Broadcast Companion (Mixer) hooks into the Mixer API and pulls the following information from your Mixer stream.

  • Online status with Mixer.
  • Viewer count.
  • Game playing.
  • Past Recordings (VODS).
  • You’re also able to directly embed your stream within your website when you’re live.

So that’s it! Mixer support is just the beginning for us, and you can expect us to start integrating other streaming platforms like YouTube Live and Hitbox into our themes next.

Our ever-popular plugins – like Twitch Wall PRO may get support for these platforms eventually – but for now our focus is going to be on our WordPress themes for streamers – Broadcast and Broadcast PRO!