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WordPress Theme for Streamers

Broadcast PRO is our Premium Wordpress Theme made for Streamers, built specifically for flawless integration with Twitch and YouTube Live straight out the box.

Let Broadcast PRO be the home for all your stream news and information. Use it to blog, make announcements, let users keep track of your schedule, add a countdown to your next stream in real-time, link out to your partners and affiliates and much more!

YouTube Streamers

Broadcast PRO and YouTube add-on

Twitch Streamers

Broadcast PRO

Mixer Streamers

Broadcast PRO and Mixer add-on

Stream Integration
Through Our Companion Plugins

Unlock the Stream Integration through our Companion plugins and see your site come to life every time you’re streaming live on your platform of choice.

YouTube add-on plugin
Twitch Included


Mixer add-on plugin

Customizable Layout with 6 Components

Arrange your site around the 6 custom components built for streamers and content creators – all through the WordPress Customizer.

Broadcast PRO gives you more control of your layout. Choose custom colours for each section and heading, customize your layout titles, toggle sections on and off, add special image effects to your masthead and add an advanced schedule countdown which allows you to set a different stream time every day.



Stream Logo

Blog Posts

Stream VODS

Sponsor Rail

Fast and Easy Setup with the WordPress Customizer

Broadcast PRO is as easy as it gets when it comes to setup and configuration. Set your site up in minutes and start customizing your layout through WordPress’ native customizer screens.

Infinite Colour Options

Easy-to-use Admin Screens

Layout Control

Mobile-Friendly Design

Optimised for Speed

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

No Code Necessary

Gutenberg Friendly

Dedicated Support

Frequent & Automatic Updates

Developer Friendly

Broadcast PRO is only available through the StreamWeasels website. Buy it now and take your streaming career to the next level!

Basic £30
6 months license
one site
basic support
Gold £99
unlimited license
unlimited sites
advanced support (plus discord)

9 reviews for Broadcast Pro

  1. Sheila Moore

    Incredibly happy with the Twitch integration. Very user-friendly and easy to implement. Everything about it screams professional and I’ve gotten only positive feedback from the visitors on the site!

    Thanks for such a great product!

  2. anthony (verified owner)

    Great job guys, It’s just an amazing template

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    The best template I have owned. The twitch integration looks completely professional and this is simple to manage and maintain. I cannot wait to see what other cool stuff will be added in the future.

  4. Diego


  5. zerolove (verified owner)

    Loving the ease of use of this template so far!

  6. Robby (verified owner)

    Best wordrpess theme for streamers.

  7. Kenson

    For Mixer support, can it show interactive while live? That’s one question that will help motivate my purchase choice.

    • admin (verified owner)

      Hey Kenson, you’ll be glad to know that we now support mixer integration for Broadcast and Broadcast PRO via our new plugin – Broadcast Companion (Mixer)

  8. ChrisDash

    This theme does exactly what it claims to do. The theme is easy to configure, clean, and looks great. It quickly integrates with the free Broadcast Companion plugin allowing instant Twitch channel integration.

    I hope to see a few additional layout options in the future but, aside from that it is a very clean, simple, and easy experience.

  9. Christian Ryter (verified owner)

    Awesome Theme, i use it now on ephesus666.ch – and i Love it! Great Work!

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