YouTube Live Support for Broadcast and Broadcast PRO

YouTube streamers may be glad to know, that in combination with our work on the API integration last week, our WordPress themes for streamers now fully support YouTube Live!

Broadcast Companion (YouTube) unlocks the exact same functionality for our WordPress themes as our Twitch equivalent – Broadcast Companion – which we’ll now be re-naming to Broadcast Companion (Twitch).

When combined with Broadcast or Broadcast PRO, Broadcast Companion (YouTube) hooks into the YouTube Live API and pulls the following information from your YouTube stream.

  • Online status with YouTube.
  • Viewer count.
  • Stream Category.
  • Past Recordings (VODS).
  • You’re also able to directly embed your stream within your website when you’re live.

Now that our flagship WordPress themes support the top 3 streaming platforms out-the-box, you can expect some major improvements and new products on the way soon.

For a limited time, both Broadcast Companion (Mixer) and Broadcast Companion (YouTube) are 33% off!