Combine Twitch Integration Layouts for Maximum Effect

StreamWeasels Twitch Integration has easily become 2022’s fastest growing WordPress Twitch plugin, with over 800 installs already – there is good reason for the success so far. As of writing this, there are currently 7 different layouts available in the plugin, with one more currently in the works. This makes the plugin extremely flexible, allowing … Read more

Introducing StreamWeasels Twitch Integration

We’re very happy to announce that our new plugin – StreamWeasels Twitch Integration – is finally ready for a proper release. Many thanks to the handful of users who stepped up in Discord to help out in beta testing, the plugin is now officially in use on over 300 websites. Many bugs were squished, features … Read more

Introducing Facebook Wall PRO

Carrying on from our latest succesful WordPress plugin – YouTube Wall PRO – today we’re bringing a new social integration into the mix with our newest plugin – Facebook Wall PRO. Many streamers who were previously streaming on Mixer have now made the jump to Facebook gaming, due to Facebook offering all existing Mixer partners … Read more

5 Epic WordPress Plugins for Twitch TV

As far as Twitch WordPress plugins go, there’s not a whole lot available on the market. StreamWeasels alone have three Twitch Plugins for WordPress in the repository, but there are a few more notable plugins worth mentioning. We searched high and low, did the testing, and can now present to you the five best WordPress plugins for Twitch. Check out what we found below.

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7 tools, tips, and plugins to get you more Twitch subscribers

So, what is a Twitch subscription?

Twitch subscriptions are a way for your fans to support you through tiered monthly payments — and they’re one of the most popular ways to make money on Twitch. For their loyalty, your subscribers can get special perks like emotes, badges, and exclusive chat alerts. And if you’re feeling crazy-generous, you can even reward your subscribers with ad-free viewing and access to exclusive chatrooms and competitions. Keep reading to find out our top tips for gaining and retaining Twitch subscribers.

  1. Play games with your Twitch community
  2. Give your subs something special
  3. Subscriber-only perks and prizes
  4. Share your stream goals
  5. Private events just for Twitch subs
  6. Get social with your subscribers
  7. Build trust with your viewers, and keep it

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Embedding Mixer Streams in WordPress with Mixer Wall PRO – an alternative to and a streaming platform gaining nothing but popularity is becoming more and more widespread, with more streamers than ever and now more viewers too.

Mixer (previously Beam) was purchased by Microsoft back in 2016 and has since been integrated straight into Xbox One, making it an extremely accessible streaming service for casual console gamers looking for an audience.

Mixer also has a host of unique features on the platform that aren’t yet available anywhere else, like MixPlay – which lets viewers interact with streamers in unique and interesting ways within certain games.

So with the influx of Mixer streamers and users, we have decided to add Mixer support to our most popular Twitch WordPress plugin – Twitch Wall Pro.

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Introducing Twitch Player PRO

Since releasing Broadcast PRO 2.0 earlier this year – our flagship WordPress Theme for Twitch Streamers – we’ve also been hard at work releasing WordPress plugins for Twitch Streamers – for those users who are looking for a way to embed twitch streams in their WordPress site. We released our very successful Twitch Wall PRO and … Read more