Introducing StreamWeasels Twitch Integration

We’re very happy to announce that our new plugin – StreamWeasels Twitch Integration – is finally ready for a proper release. Many thanks to the handful of users who stepped up in Discord to help out in beta testing, the plugin is now officially in use on over 300 websites.

Many bugs were squished, features were added, discussed and slowly improved upon. All the work from 2021 has come together now to leave us with what I think, is the best plugin we’re ever built – and the most powerful Twitch Integration plugin in the WordPress space.

It’s important to note that anyone currently running one of our old plugins – Twitch Wall, Twitch Rail, or Twitch Player, will need to move to StreamWeasels Twitch Integration by February 28th 2022. If you don’t move over to the new plugin, your existing Twitch plugin will stop working! This is due to Twitch finally shutting down the Twitch Kraken API, which you can read more about here.

Download StreamWeasels Twitch Integration

StreamWeasels Twitch Integration is simply a new Twitch WordPress plugin, that combines the best features from all our previous Twitch WordPress plugins and bakes them all into one.

The plugin is available in two forms. The free plugin is available from and comes with some limitations as you might expect. The PRO plugin is fully unlocked and only available here through the StreamWeasels website at a cost of $59.

StreamWeasels Twitch Integration FREE download link.

StreamWeasels Twitch Integration PRO download link.

New Plugin Model

StreamWeasels Twitch Integration is the main plugin which handles the new Twitch Helix API connection, the data involved, and the majority of the plugin settings. Think of it like the brains of the plugin.

From there, we have our new Twitch Integration Add-ons. Our old plugins – Twitch Wall, Twitch Wall Branded, Twitch Rail and Twitch Player are now free Add-on plugins for StreamWeasels Twitch Integration. These Add-ons handle layout only and do not do anything on their own without the main StreamWeasels Twitch Integration plugin.

So if you were previously using one plugin, for example Twitch Wall PRO – you will now be required to install two plugins instead:

After you have installed the main plugin and the Add-ons, your plugin page might look something like this:
You are free to use as many of the Add-on plugins as you like

New Add-ons

So we’ve just explained that our old plugins, Twitch Wall, Twitch Rail and Twitch Player are now officially Add-ons for StreamWeasels Twitch Integration. But what I haven’t talked about is our exciting new Add-on we’re calling – Twitch Feature.

While the Twitch Wall, Twitch Rail and Twitch Player Add-ons are all now free – our latest Add-on, Twitch Feature is PRO only and comes at a one-time cost of $59. Think of this like a new premium layout for StreamWeasels Twitch Integration. It’s heavily based on the stream layout from the homepage of Twitch itself, and you can see it in action right here below:

Twitch Feature PRO is only available here through the StreamWeasels website, with the option of a 7-day free trial or a one-time fee of $59.

New shortcodes

Along with the new plugins, comes new shortcodes. The main piece of the new shortcode looks like this [streamweasels] and the key piece to the new shortcode is the layout='' attribute, which looks like this [streamweasels layout="wall"]. Each Add-on adds a new layout option.

Plugin Old Shortcode
New Shortcode
Twitch Wall [getTwitchWall]
[streamweasels layout="wall"]
Twitch Rail
[getTwitchRail] [streamweasels layout="rail"]
Twitch Player
[getTwitchPlayer] [streamweasels layout="player"]
Twitch Feature
[streamweasels layout="feature"]

New Features

Thankfully, with the new plugin and the new shortcodes, there also comes new features. These features included in StreamWeasels Twitch Integration are easily the most powerful features of any Twitch plugin in the WordPress space.

StreamWeasels Twitch Integration features:

  • Pull streams from Twitch based on Game, Channels, Team and Language with a new stream limit of 1000.
  • You can now filter streams based on their Stream Title.
  • You can now combine the above options, for example:
    • Display all streamers from a Twitch Team only if they are playing a specific Game.
    • Display all streamers from a List of Channels only if they are playing a specific Game.
    • Display all streamers playing a specific Game but only if they have a specific Tag in their Stream Title.
  • The stream limit has been increased to 1000.
  • There are over 30 new customisation, colour and layout options.
  • The plugin is now fully translatable.

New License System

On top of everything else, the last piece of this puzzle is the new license system we have introduced to all of our plugins. The new system (called freemius) is a big improvement on our old homegrown-system, but it has required that we generate new licenses for each of our users. So if you have a valid license key for any of the following plugins:

  • Twitch Wall PRO
  • Twitch Wall PRO Branded
  • Twitch Rail PRO
  • Twitch Player PRO

Please reach out here and we will move your license key over to StreamWeasels Twitch Integration PRO. If you don’t have a license but you would like to try out StreamWeasels Twitch Integration for yourself, you can try the free version from, take a 7-day free trial, or buy StreamWeasels Twitch Integration now for as little as $59.

Wrapping Up

This has been a much longer post than usual, but it marks a significant milestone for StreamWeasels. With a brand-new product running on Twitch’s Helix API, we are in a very good place this year to be spending more time doing things that matter.

If you have any questions regarding any of our existing plugins, or our new StreamWeasels Twitch Integration plugin, you can reach out on our Contact page.