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StreamWeasels Twitch Integration PRO

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Twitch Integration PRO

Our family of WordPress plugins for Twitch have been built for flawless integration with the newest Twitch API. Simply input a game, twitch team, or a list of usernames and allow Twitch Integration PRO to do the rest.

  • Over 30 layout controls & settings
  • More complex Twitch API queries
  • Built-in Shortcode Generator
  • Show 1000+ streams at once
  • Autoplay, Custom Sorting and more highly-requested features!
  • Premium StreamWeasels Support

New Premium Add-ons

Our latest premium Add-on, Twitch Feature, replicates the stream layout found on

Twitch Feature PRO

Learn More about this new Premium Add-on
or try it free for 7 days

 [streamweasels layout="feature"] 

Classic FREE Add-ons

These three classic Add-ons come as standard with Twitch Integartion PRO

Twitch Wall

Free Add-on with Twitch Integration PRO

 [streamweasels layout="wall"] 

Twitch Player

Free Add-on with Twitch Integration PRO

 [streamweasels layout="player"] 

Twitch Rail

Free Add-on with Twitch Integration PRO

 [streamweasels layout="rail"] 

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