How To Display Streams from Twitch Based on Title Tags

One of the most consistent features in the StreamWeasels plugins (stretching right back to 2016) has been the ability to display streams based on three things – Game, Team and Channels.

The reason for this is that Twitch makes it very easy to pull this data from the Twitch API using these three methods. One thing that Twitch doesn’t provide is the ability to pull streams from the Twitch API based on Stream Title.

There’s no official way to pull streams based on Stream Title via the API, but it was such a highly requested feature from our users that we decided to build this feature ourselves. So here’s how it works. Using the streamweasels shortcode, pull as many streams as you would like from Twitch, and then set title-filter to only display streams from your list that match.

Here are some real world examples that some of our users are currently using on their sites:

GTA V Streams with NoPixel in title

[streamweasels layout="wall" game="gta v" title-filter="nopixel"]

Fortnite Streams with Duo in title

[streamweasels layout="wall" game="fortnite" title-filter="duo"]

League of Legends Streams with Challenger in title

[streamweasels layout="wall" game="league of legends" title-filter="challenger"]

Music Streams with Requests in title

[streamweasels layout="wall" game="music" title-filter="requests"]

There are so many uses for this feature that the above list could be endless. Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, StreamWeasels Twitch Integration can help make it happen. If you’re looking to filter titles like the examples above, it’s important to note that this works best with the unlimited streams option that comes with Twitch Integration PRO only.

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