Twitch Stream Teams – How to Join a Twitch Team (2022)

Want to join a Twitch stream team but don’t know where to start? The Twitch team functionality provided by Twitch is a fantastic way to build connections and network with like-minded streamers on Twitch. Joining a Twitch team can also help boost your own viewership and grow your audience as other members of the team … Read more

How To Display Streams from Twitch Based on Title Tags

One of the most consistent features in the StreamWeasels plugins (stretching right back to 2016) has been the ability to display streams based on three things – Game, Team and Channels. The reason for this is that Twitch makes it very easy to pull this data from the Twitch API using these three methods. One … Read more

How I Built a Twitch Integrated GTA Website in a Day

When I released our latest plugin this year – StreamWeasels Twitch Integration – I knew that it unlocked some exciting new possibilities in WordPress that so many users could take advantage of. Early in the year while my new plugin was still in beta testing, one user who ran a GTA V RP Server had … Read more

Twitch Hack – What was actually leaked?

How did Twitch get Hacked? On October 6th 2020 was the victim of one of the biggest data breaches of all time thanks to a hacker gaining access to the system during a configuration change. Twitch confirmed on twitter that the twitch hack was genuine saying “Our teams are working with urgency to understand … Read more