Twitch Stream Teams – How to Join a Twitch Team (2022)

Want to join a Twitch stream team but don’t know where to start? The Twitch team functionality provided by Twitch is a fantastic way to build connections and network with like-minded streamers on Twitch. Joining a Twitch team can also help boost your own viewership and grow your audience as other members of the team share their audience with you. But where do you start?

Here at StreamWeasels we’ve been working in the Twitch space for over 5 years, and we’re going to share with you everything you need to know about Twitch teams, how they work, and the benefits of joining one.

What are Twitch Teams and why should you join one?

A Twitch team is a group of people who have joined together under a common banner for mutual benefit. They are typically formed by team members who want to collaborate with each other on different aspects of their streams, but they are also often formed by other interested parties, like sponsors, gaming organizations, and eSports teams.

For example, one of the biggest and most successful Twitch teams is G Fuel. The G Fuel Twitch team brings together every streamer on Twitch who is lucky enough to be sponsored by G Fuel, which includes massive streamers such as TenZ, Summit1G, and ZealsAmbitions.

Another example of a massive Twitch team, this time in the eSports space is FaZe. The FaZe Twitch team currently has 73 members, each one being a member of Faze Clan, the massively popular gaming organization with influential members such as NickMercs and Swagg.

G Fuel Twitch Stream Team
FaZe Clan Twitch Stream Team

The benefits of joining a Twitch team

There are of course some obvious benefits in joining a Twitch team, especially if the team is a good fit for your own stream and is filled with like-minded members.

  • You get access to a large pool of like-minded people who can help you grow your channel and audience
  • You can collaborate with other streamers on different aspects of your stream like gameplay, chat interaction, promotion, etc.
  • You can share resources like equipment, software, and marketing efforts that would otherwise be spent individually
  • You can lean on your own Twitch team members to promote your own services like your own giveaways on Twitch
  • You can learn new skills from streamers with more experience than you and be able to mentor new streamers
  • You can leverage the existing audience of other members of the team who may be at a higher follower count than you

How can you find a Twitch team?

We mentioned above a couple of big and successful teams that have made an impact on Twitch, but how can you find a good Twitch team to join when you’re just getting started on Twitch? This is something many Twitch streamers struggle with, as Twitch itself doesn’t provide a good method of discovering teams on the Twitch website.

So how do you find a Twitch team to join? There are a couple of different methods you can use. First of all, you should consider what type of Twitch team it is that you’re looking for. Teams come in all shapes and sizes and generally bring people together under some sort of banner. For example:

  • Rainbow Arcade – a team of LGBTQIA+ creators, dedicated to inclusivity and positivity. Reach out on Twitter to join.
  • The Grave Keepers – a team of streamers with a passion for Horror games. Reach out on Twitter to join.
  • Military – a Twitch team for American military active duty, reserves, national guard, and veterans. Reach out on Discord to join.
  • Twitch Musicians – a collection of streamers who specialize in making music on Twitch. Reach out on Twitter to join.

Identify the banner that you want your stream to fall into, then do some research on Google with a search like the following: ‘Twitch Team for British People’. From a quick search, you should be able to find a couple of teams that might be worth looking into.

If you want to take a deeper look into the Twitch teams you have found from your search, take the team name and do a search on Sully Gnome – a 3rd party website that collates information on Twitch teams. From that search, you should be able to see how active the team is and what their viewership numbers look like. This is a great way to identify if the Twitch team you have found is a good fit for you and your stream.

The Top 10 Stream Teams on Twitch

If you simply look at the viewership figures, it’s easy to figure out the top Twitch teams in 2022. In the top 10 list, you will see some Twitch teams that might be obvious, and some others that mya surprise you. Here is the top 10 Twitch stream teams in 2022, as of August, sorted by Watch time.

  1. G FUEL: The Official Energy Drink of Esports
    The G FUEL Twitch team is quite simply a list of Twitch streams sponsoured by G FUEL, with the most popular member being Summit 1G.
  2. Luminosity Gaming
    Luminosity Gaming is the official Twitch team for the wildly popular eSports team – Luminosity, with the most popular member being xQc.
  3. Loaded
    Loaded GG is a gaming management and advisory firm, home to some massive Twitch names like Lirik and Cohh Carnage.
  4. Riot Games
    The massive viewership on the Riot Games team comes from the regular League of Legends tournaments.
  5. OTK
    OTK is a fairly new Twitch team headed up by EsfandTV and his buddies like Mizkif and Asmongold.
  6. LOUD
    LOUD is the biggest Twitch team representing Brazil and South America.
  7. TSM
    TSM (Team Solo Mid) is a North American eSports team centered around League of Legends, with popular streamers like Buddha.
  8. Corsair
    Corsair is the official Twitch team for streamers sponsored by Corsair – like Alkapone and Saintone
  9. Team Liquid
    Team Liquid is another massively popular North American eSports team headed up by streamers like Maximum and Mendo.
  10. Vizz
    The Vizz stream team is headed up by the insanely popular Spanish streamer – TheGrefg.

How can you join a Twitch team?

Once you have finally found a Twitch team that you’re ready to call your new home on Twitch – the next step is to get an invite. Again, you can use the Sully Gnome website to do a deep dive on the Twitch team and find the most active Twitch usernames. These users might be a good place to start when looking for an invite. Some Twitch teams will also either have their own website, Twitter, or Discord. All three of these places should have contact information available that you can use to apply to join the team.

How to accept your Twitch team invite:

  1. Log in to your Twitch account
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Channels and Videos.
  3. Scroll down the page until you find the “My Teams” section
  4. Find the invite you want to accept, and press the appropriate button

How to create your own Twitch team:

  1. In order to create your own Twitch team, you must be an official Twitch partner
  2. Create a Support Ticket while logged in to your Twitch partner account
  3. In the ticket, request the Team name, URL, and owner
  4. Simply wait for the ticket to be resolved and your new Twitch team is born

Things to note about Twitch teams:

  • Partners are limited to the creation of two teams
  • Once a Team is created, the Team URL cannot be changed
  • If you delete or transfer ownership of a team, you will not be allowed to make additional creation requests
  • Only one account can own or edit a Twitch team

How to leave a Twitch Team

  • Log in to your Twitch account
  • Navigate to Settings -> Channels and Videos.
  • Scroll down the page until you find the “My Teams” section
  • Click the “Remove” option
  • You’ve now exited the team and are free to join and find another team.

Taking your Twitch team one step further

One method that some of the most popular Twitch stream teams use to further promote their team is to set up a Twitch team website. A team website allows you to showcase and manage all of your Twitch team members content in one place, while also allowing you to build your team’s brand identity.

For streamers who want to set up their own online presence off Twitch without having to learn much about coding, StreamWeasels is an excellent solution. We can help you get set up with a simple WordPress website, and with our Twitch plugins for WordPress, you can embed your Twitch team in 3 simple steps. Proudly display your Twitch team streamers on your homepage and allow your users to easily find and discover online streamers from your team.

REH Gaming Twitch Stream Team – Twitch Wall plugin

Our plugins are already in use on more than 1000 Twitch stream team websites, so why not join them?