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Upcoming Twitch API Changes on April 30th

Due to the ever-changing landscape of the Twitch API, every now and then we need to make some changes to our WordPress plugins for Twitch streamers in order to keep them ticking over.

At the end of this month, Twitch is making some drastic changes to the new Twitch API Helix endpoints. Specifically, every call to a helix endpoint now requires OAuth – either in the form of a User access token or an App access token.

Due to this, every one of our WordPress plugins which integrate with the Twitch Helix endpoints requires some code changes in order for them to continue to work. If your plugin has stopped working and it has passed the 30th of April, you simply need to update your plugin within WordPress to get your plugin working again. See the below screenshot for how to update your plugin.

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Introducing Twitch Player PRO

Since releasing Broadcast PRO 2.0 earlier this year – our flagship WordPress Theme for Twitch Streamers – we’ve also been hard at work releasing WordPress plugins for Twitch Streamers – for those users who are looking for a way to embed twitch streams in their WordPress site.

We released our very successful Twitch Wall PRO and Twitch Rail PRO a few months ago, and now we have just released our third WordPress plugin for twitch streamers – Twitch Player PRO.

Twitch Player PRO works in a very similar manner to Twitch Wall and Twitch Rail, with a couple of key differences. The layout and style of Twitch Player is obviously very different, with one large featured stream on the left and a list of streamers alongside it on the right.

Twitch Player PRO

Click one of the streamers to view their stream!


We hope that this specific layout will be more desirable to users who are looking to feature a lot of streams, but don’t want them to take up a ton of space on the page like Twitch Wall does.

As with all our plugins, there is of course a free version of Twitch Player PRO which you can get directly through the WordPress plugins page – there are more details on that here – Free Twitch Player for WordPress.

As a first for us – the free version of Twitch Player does allow you to show both online and offline streams in your WordPress site (something we usually only make available in our PRO plugins). However, the total amount of streams you can show with our free plugin is limited to 5.

If you have any feedback on the plugin – we’d love to hear it. Feel free to leave a comment here, tweet us, or get in touch directly!