5 Epic WordPress Plugins for Twitch TV

As far as Twitch WordPress plugins go, there’s not a whole lot available on the market. StreamWeasels alone have three Twitch Plugins for WordPress in the wordpress.org repository, but there are a few more notable plugins worth mentioning. We searched high and low, did the testing, and can now present to you the five best WordPress plugins for Twitch. Check out what we found below.

Twitch Wall PRO Branded

In at number one (in a totally coincidental and non-biased way) is StreamWeasels’ very own Twitch Wall PRO Branded. Use this plugin to embed multiple branded Twitch Walls on your website. The custom admin screen sets you up in minutes, and you get real-time previews of your wall before launch.

Twitch Wall PRO Branded features everything that comes with Twitch Wall Pro — plus next-level extras to ensure no two Twitch Walls look the same.

Twitch Wall Pro Branded Features:

  • Show Twitch streamers based on game, team, or usernames
  • Show offline streamers
  • Embed multiple Twitch Walls on one page
  • Unlimited colour schemes with built-in colour pickers (Branded only)
  • Custom branded offline screen and logo overlay  (Branded only)
  • New compact layout for a more streamlined Twitch Wall  (Branded only)
  • Custom width, number of columns, and spacing  (Branded only)
Active installsRatingsPaid / Pro PluginLast updatedStill active
850+⭐⭐⭐⭐✔️April 2020✔️

Streamshare for Twitch

If your website is making use of WordPress’ new Gutenberg blocks, Streamshare for Twitch is the plugin for you. Quickly and easily embed Twitch streams, videos, clips, and more. The best thing about Streamshare for Twitch is how easy it is. Simply paste your Twitch URL into a regular paragraph block and the plugin will transform that block into its own Streamshare block, handling all the embedding for you.

Streamshare for Twitch Features:

  • Embed Twitch streams as a block
  • Embed Twitch videos and clips as a block
  • Embed Twitch collections
Active installsRatingsPaid / Pro PluginLast updatedStill active
70+⭐⭐⭐⭐March 2020✔️

Stream Status for Twitch

Ever needed to show your visitors that you’re live on Twitch in a noticeable-yet-unobtrusive way? The sweet and simple Stream Status for Twitch by Bonfire Themes does just that. With 1,000+ installs and a highly-customisable interface, this plugin is pretty popular. However, it’s currently not working. We’ve reached out to the plugin author for a response so watch this space!

Stream Status for Twitch Features:

  • Quick and straightforward setup
  • Custom ‘live’ and ‘offline’ text
  • Animations and colour options
  • Real-time editing with the WordPress Customizer
Active installsRatingsPaid / Pro PluginLast updatedStill active
1,000+⭐⭐⭐⭐Pro upgrade availableOne year ago

Twitch Sub Private Pages

One of the best ways to thank your subscribers for their loyalty is to give them exclusive rewards. Our Twitch Sub Private Pages is the only Twitch WordPress plugin that gives your active subscribers access to private pages on your website. Coaching guides, premium art and videos, and voting polls are just some of the top-secret treats you can hide behind your sub-only pages.

Twitch Sub Private Pages Features:

  • Lock multiple pages on your site behind a Twitch login
  • Lock specific pages to different subscription tiers
  • Get up and running in minutes
Active installsRatingsPaid / Pro PluginLast updatedStill active
<100⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐✔️May 2020✔️

Twitch Status

As before, this Twitch Status plugin lets your audience know you’re online with a live icon or ‘offline’ text. It can also embed a Twitch widget with a stream thumbnail and your live status. Since this Twitch WordPress plugin hasn’t been tested or reviewed for a while, we’re unsure if it’s still active. OK, so maybe this one isn’t epic either. But since there aren’t a ton of Twitch WordPress plugins out there, we wanted to give you all the options.

Twitch Status Features:

  • Displays the live status of multiple channels
  • Stream widget with thumbnail, viewer count, title and game playing
  • Shortcodes allow you to place widgets anywhere in your theme
Active installsRatingsPaid / Pro PluginLast updatedStill active
800+⭐⭐⭐⭐Three years ago