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Broadcast PRO, Twitch Rail PRO and Twitch Wall PRO!

Back in April I announced my plans to make some major upgrades to our premium WordPress Theme for Twitch Streamers – Broadcast. Well it’s been a busy year and those plans finally came to life last month when I released the long-awaited 2.0 update to Broadcast PRO, completely rebuilding it from the ground up. With a fresh new design and a ton of new features, lots of you have already made the 2.0 upgrade – and we’re selling more themes than ever before!

Here are a few of our most recent customers’ websites running Broadcast PRO:

Alongside Broadcast PRO, we also now have a new theme Broadcast Lite, which is available for FREE from the Theme Library. Now with over 200 installs, just search for Broadcast within your WordPress theme pages and you’ll find it!

WordPress Plugins for Twitch Streamers

This month we have also excitingly released our first PRO plugins for Twitch Streamers – Twitch Rail PRO and Twitch Wall PRO. Both of these plugins are optimized to pull data directly from Twitch’s new Helix API and display streams to your users through the use of a shortcode – compatible with any WordPress theme!

Twitch Rail PRO

Here is an example of how Twitch Rail PRO works:

Twitch Rail PRO
The easiest way to embed streams in WordPress!
Buy Now
All streams are currently offline.

You can buy Twitch Rail PRO now for $10, or see our demo page for more examples.

Twitch Wall PRO

Here is an example of how Twitch Wall PRO works:

  • No Streams Online!

You can buy Twitch Wall PRO now for $10, or see our demo page for more examples.


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