How to get your Streamer Website to rank in Google

A lot of our customers are streamers, which comes as no surprise as we sell a lot of products aimed directly at streamers looking to create their own websites. What does come as a surprise, to us anyway, is that a lot of the websites our customers setup don’t rank well in google for key terms – like their own streamer username.

Today we’re going to share some tips on how to get your own WordPress website to rank in Google for some basic google searches.

Write a Bio

This is the most important one. Ideally, when someone searches for your username in Google, you want the first page of results to include your streaming platform (be that Twitch, Mixer or YouTube), your socials, and your website.

You can get your website to rank higher in the rankings just by adding a simple bio to your page as the first piece of content on the page.

Doing this with the Broadcast theme is very easy. Once you’ve set your homepage in WordPress (more on that in our WordPress Theme Basics guide if you’re new to WordPress), simply add a bio right at the top above any other content you plan on featuring on your page.

Going the extra mile, you can actually set the title of your homepage to include your username. This title acts as an <h1> on your page (basically a heading with a very heavy weight in terms of SEO power). Something like About StreamWeasels would work well. Don’t use About Me or About The Stream – they’re too vague. Include terms you want your page to rank for, and remember we have more headings at our disposal for use further down the page.

Try and make your bio a decent length and drop some keywords that you feel are relevant to your stream. For example, if you’re primarily a Hearthstone streamer, drop the word Hearthstone into your bio a couple of times. This will help you raise the rank in google when anyone is searching for something like ‘Hearthstone streamers’.

Blog Content is Good Content

Broadcast comes with built-in blogging support in WordPress and it’s a great idea to make use of the blog to gets some high-quality content on your page. Carrying on from the example above, if you’re primarily a Hearthstone streamer it’s a good idea to write a couple of blog posts related to you and Hearthstone.

Here are 4 good topics to blog about on your new WordPress site to help with Google rankings.

  • Do a post about yourself
  • Review a game you play regularly
  • Talk about an event you recently attended (Twitchcon?)
  • Talk about game releases you’re looking forward to play this year

Share the love

Broadcast comes with an affiliates section that allows you to link out to your sponsors, partners and friends. Use this section to link out to people you know and make sure you let them know – and maybe they’ll return the favor. Google favors sites that have a lot of incoming links, so ask your friends to add links to your site and drop links anywhere else you think is relevant, like your streamer page and your social bios etc.

That just about covers the basics. Follow the above advice and you’ll be well on your way to gaining some traction on Google and climbing the ranks – and you’ll also have a more content rich and engaging site for your fans.