Upcoming Twitch API Changes on April 30th

Due to the ever-changing landscape of the Twitch API, every now and then we need to make some changes to our WordPress plugins for Twitch streamers in order to keep them ticking over.

At the end of this month, Twitch is making some drastic changes to the new Twitch API Helix endpoints. Specifically, every call to a helix endpoint now requires OAuth – either in the form of a User access token or an App access token.

Due to this, every one of our WordPress plugins which integrate with the Twitch Helix endpoints requires some code changes in order for them to continue to work. If your plugin has stopped working and it has passed the 30th of April, you simply need to update your plugin within WordPress to get your plugin working again. See the below screenshot for how to update your plugin.

Click the Check for updates button on your plugin page.

You need a Valid License Key

If you get an error related to your license key, you can log in to the website and see your active license keys in the My Account area of the site.

Your license key is only valid against a single domain name, so if you’re using one of our plugins on a website that wasn’t registered when you purchased the plugin, then you will not be able to update.

You can either buy another license for your new website or get in touch and I can change the active domain name attached to your license key.

What plugins does this affect?

  • Twitch Wall (update available)
  • Twitch Wall PRO (update available)
  • Twitch Wall PRO Branded (update available)
  • Twitch Rail (update available)
  • Twitch Rail PRO (update available)
  • Twitch Player (update available)
  • Twitch Player PRO (update available)

What has changed?

Until we come up with a better solution, all of our plugins have been changed to use the older Kraken v5 API. This older API is officially deprecated, however there is no end-date in sight and the Kraken API continues to work for the foreseeable future.

The only difference you will notice with our plugins is that we were previously able to pull the offline profile image for any given channel. This is no longer possible and has been replaced with a default / generic twitch offline image. Users looking to change this image for something else can do so by overriding the CSS in their theme files OR if you’re looking to control the offline profile image in an easy and manageable way then this is still possible in our premium plugin – Twitch Wall Pro Branded.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.