Introducing YouTube Wall PRO

Twitch Wall and Twitch Wall PRO have been, for the longest time, our most successful products in the WordPress space. They’ve been well utilized by gamers, esports teams, clans and all sorts of gaming communities to display their very own twitch-like content experience on their WordPress websites quickly and easily. Well now we’re bringing YouTube … Read more

Mixer is no more

Sad news for all you Mixer streamers out there. As of June 22nd this year, unfortunately Mixer is no more. Anyone streaming on Mixer is being encouraged to head over to Facebook Gaming at who are honoring Mixer Partner status with their own Facebook partnership scheme. With that news, we’re currently investigating wether or … Read more

Upcoming Twitch API Changes on April 30th

Due to the ever-changing landscape of the Twitch API, every now and then we need to make some changes to our WordPress plugins for Twitch streamers in order to keep them ticking over.

At the end of this month, Twitch is making some drastic changes to the new Twitch API Helix endpoints. Specifically, every call to a helix endpoint now requires OAuth – either in the form of a User access token or an App access token.

Due to this, every one of our WordPress plugins which integrate with the Twitch Helix endpoints requires some code changes in order for them to continue to work. If your plugin has stopped working and it has passed the 30th of April, you simply need to update your plugin within WordPress to get your plugin working again. See the below screenshot for how to update your plugin.

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Introducing StreamWeasels Affiliates!

Hey Weasels, It’s been a very busy year for us here at StreamWeasels, with the release of our latest and greatest WordPress theme for Twitch streamers – Broadcast PRO – and the release of three new WordPress plugins for Twitch streamers, Twitch Rail PRO, Twitch Wall PRO and Twitch Player PRO! The good news is … Read more

Broadcast Lite and 2018 Plans

Hello Weasels! It’s certainly been a while since I’ve posted anything up on here, and I’ve had a few emails enquiring if I have any plans regarding Broadcast updates and the likes so I thought I would share them here. This year, Broadcast, Broadcast PRO and a new theme, Broadcast Lite will all be receiving … Read more

Twitch API Fix

Twitch recently made some changes to their API, requiring developers to register and authenticate all requests to the Twitch API, no matter how simple those requests are. This isn’t something we were previously doing in both Broadcast and Broadcast PRO. As it is now being enforced, we have made the necessary changes to both Broadcast … Read more