Embed Twitch Streams on your WordPress Website

StreamWeasels have the biggest collection of Twitch WordPress plugins for Twitch streamers and gamers. Our latest plugin, Twitch Intregration for WordPress allows you to display streams from Twitch in a variety of professional different layouts.

StreamWeasels Twitch Integration is the most powerful Twitch WordPress plugin on the market.

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9 Powerful WordPress Twitch Plugins from StreamWeasels

Our powerful new Twitch WordPress plugin allows you to embed Twitch streams in your WordPress website in 3 simple steps.

  • Connect your plugin to the Twitch API.
  • Choose your desired layout and channels.
  • Add the shortcode to your page.

Not only is Twitch Integration for WordPress super simple, but it’s extremely powerful. StreamWeasels has been building Twitch plugins for WordPress for over 5 years and when it comes to what users want – we know!

From simple solutions like displaying 10 of your Twitch team members on your homepage. To more complex queries like displaying the top 50 poker streams, but only those playing Texas Hold’em. StreamWeasels Twitch Integration can do it all.

Twitch Integration for WordPress

WordPress Twitch Plugins for everyone

StreamWeasels Twitch Integration comes with a variety of different layouts – all featured below and all suited for different tasks. Looking to simply display a large number of streams on one page? Twitch Wall has you covered. Want to display your Twitch online status in your main navigation? Try Twitch Nav. Explore our other Twitch Integration layouts below.

Twitch Wall

Twitch Wall is our most popular WordPress plugin which allows you to display any number of streams in a Twitch inspired layout. Turn any page on your website into a stream page with Twitch Wall – allow users to easily see who is online, browse through the list and click to jump right into the action – just like Twitch. This plugin allows you to create your own Twitch page and completely customise the look, feel and layout to fit right into your theme.

Twitch Wall WordPress plugin
  • Display streams based on Game / Channels / Team
  • Classic Twitch-style layout to display streams
  • Customize the columns, tiles and colours to fit your theme
  • Display your friends, team, clan or guild streams

Twitch Rail

Twitch Rail is another popular WordPress plugin which allows you to display any number of streams in a horizontal rail-style layout. Great for squeezing any number of streams into a small space – allow your users to browse streams by scrolling left and right – great for fitting streams in amongst other content on your page.

  • Display streams based on Game / Channels / Team
  • Horizontal rail-style layout to display streams
  • Customize the tiles, rail colours and controls to fit your theme
  • Display your friends, team, clan or guild streams
Twitch Rail WordPress plugin

Twitch Player

Twitch Player is an excellent WordPress plugin for not only displaying your Twitch streams, but also focussing on the embedded stream experience. Allow your users to browse streams vertically, while also being able to click to display the embedded stream front-and-center for a cinema-like experience.

Twitch Player WordPress plugin
  • Display streams based on Game / Channels / Team
  • Cinema-style layout with a focus on the Twitch embed experience
  • Customize the player, set autoplay, start muted, display chat and more
  • Display your friends, team, clan or guild streams

Twitch Feature

Twitch Feature is a personal favourite here on the StreamWeasels team – display Twitch streams in a layout similar to the Twitch homepage, great for featuring streams at the top of any page. Allow users to scroll left and right on your streams and also play the streams directly in the plugin without taking up any extra space. For bonus points, combine the plugin with Twitch Wall to mirror more closely the experience from the Twitch homepage.

  • Display streams based on Game / Channels / Team
  • Professional Twitch-inspired layout
  • Allows for embedded stream right within the layout
  • Display your friends, team, clan or guild streams
Twitch Feature WordPress plugin

Twitch Status

Twith Status is slightly different to the Twitch plugins above as the focus is to simply display the live status of streams from Twitch. Use it to tell your users that you’re currently online and allow your users to simply click through to your stream to join the action. You can also use it to display the status of multiple streamers and only feature streamers that are online.

Twitch Status WordPress plugin
  • Display online status for any streamer
  • non-obtrusive layout, fixed in any position of the window
  • Let your users know when you or your friends are online
  • Display your friends, team, clan or guild streams

Twitch Vods

Twitch Vods is self-explanatory – simply display your VODS from Twitch on any page on your WordPress website. Give your viewers a page on your website to keep up-to-date with what they missed while you were offline. Works with past broadcasts, highlights and clips – or display all 3 in seperate shortcodes. This is the only Twitch plugin on the market to allow you to easily display VODS from Twitch.

Twitch Vods WordPress plugin
  • Display past broadcasts, highlights or clips
  • Choose the number of VODS to display and from what period
  • Customise the colours and layout to fit your theme

Twitch Nav

Twitch Nav is an interesting plugin that allows you to add an online indicator to any WordPress navigation item on your website. If you want to draw attention to a particular page, like a streams page, you can have that navigation item light up with the number of streams online. This plugin is one-of-a-kind and can help draw users to your important Twitch pages.

  • Display number of viewers or number of streams online
  • Fits into any WordPress navigation item
  • Draw attention to your Twitch stream pages
Twitch Nav WordPress plugin

Twitch Showcase

Twitch Showcase is a very specific layout that was built to help eSports organitaions, teams and clans showcase their player portraits while also displaying their live status on Twitch. If you have player portraits for each of the members in your team and you want to display them in a professional eSports-inspired layout – Twitch Showcase is the plugin for you.

  • Combine player portaits with Twitch live status
  • Showcase your entire team
  • Customise the colours and layout to fit your theme
Twitch Showcase WordPress plugin

Twitch WordPress Plugin Demos

Want to see our Twitch WordPress plugins in action? Click on any of the quick-links below to be taken to the live Twitch WordPress plugin demo pages. StreamWeasels Twitch Integration and our variety of layouts featured below are hands-down the most powerful Twitch integration plugins available on the WordPress market and you won’t be disappointed with the content and features that our plugins unlock.

Ultima Gaming WordPress Theme

Ultima Gaming is our brand new WordPress Theme for Streamers, Gamers, Esports, Clans, Teams, and more! Comes with 12 flexible template components, giving you complete control over your page layout and content.

Just as you would expect from StreamWeasels, it integrates with Twitch and YouTube straight out the box.