Twitch Channel ID and User ID Convertor

Every Twitch username comes with it’s own, unique Channel ID, also known as a User ID.

There is no obvious way to find your Channel ID in the Twitch admin interface, so we made this handy tool to simply help you convert any Twitch Username to ID.

There are various reasons why you might want to convert a Twitch Username to an ID. The latest reason is that recently, Twitch’s source code was leaked in a massive hack, resulting in a document being published which contained the total earnings of all streamers on Twitch. If you want to search that document for a specific streamer, you will have to know their Channel ID. This is where our tool comes in handy.

There are also some developer tasks that might require a Twitch Channel ID instead of a Twitch username. For example when querying the Twitch API endpoint for Vods, you must provide an ID. For that you can also use our tool below.

Convert Twitch Username to Channel ID

Simply enter any Twitch username below and click Convert Username to ID. This tools makes use of the Twitch Helix API to make the conversion. You can check out our other Twitch API tools here.

Convert a YouTube Username to ID instead.

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