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Our family of WordPress plugins for Twitch have been built for flawless integration with the Twitch API. Simply input a game, twitch team, or a list of usernames and allow Twitch Wall PRO to do the rest.

  • Multiple Twitch Walls
  • Advanced shortcode usage
  • Show offline streams with custom offline screen
  • Stream limit of 100
  • Display Twitch chat
  • Premium support & 30-day money-back guarantee
Simple interface and configuration
Shortcode allows you to place Twitch Wall anywhere on your site

Users can interact with the wall and watch their favourite streamers

Twitch Wall PRO Demo

See our working demo below for Twitch TV Wall.

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Looking to create your own Shortcodes for your posts and pages? Try our Shortcode Generator.

Shortcode for this Twitch Wall: [ getTwitchWallPro channels="monstercat,lirik,b0aty,limmy,kitboga,pokimane,asmongold,chewiemelodies,gggibi" limit="9"]

What are you Waiting For?

Download Twitch Wall PRO now and try it out.

Basic £15
6 months license
one site
basic support
Gold £50
unlimited license
unlimited sites
advanced support (plus discord)

Looking for a Twitch Wall to match your Brand?

Check out Twitch Wall PRO Branded.

12 reviews for Twitch TV Wall PRO

  1. 93charila (verified owner)

    Best Twitch plugin for a team page. It’s simple and usefull!
    Clean, simple and clear and offers a lot of options (id channel, teams and games).

    And i really appreciate the invaluable support you provide me last time StreamWeasels.

  2. emmanuel leclerc (verified owner)

    Good plugin,

    i’ve just one problem, on mobile the plugin not show iframe of live, i have a white screen.

  3. Toni Miranda (verified owner)

    The plugin is perfect to show to any Twitch Team, Users List and Games.
    In addition, the support is effective and fast for any type of technical doubt.

    Nice Work and Nice Plugin. Totally Recommended.

  4. Denis (verified owner)

    Great plugin/Great support fast and very helpful . For this price everyone should own one 😉

  5. smokedog77

    Great Plugin, it does exactly what it says, very easy to use and great support if you run into an issue.

  6. ChristopherClever (verified owner)

    Originally pulled this in for our twitch community and it works amazingly! Anyone needing a simple, awesome wall to display specific streamers or a twitch team should really be using this! No question.

    Our community passed the twitch API limit of 100 streamers listed due to our growth so I reached out to StreamWeasels and they provided a reasonable price to provide a workaround that proved fruitful. Now we can display all 100+ and many many more! I’m satisfied with the quick response James provided and the custom plugin he was able to procure for us.

    On behalf of CleverNation and our growth, we thank him for the support and custom help!

  7. DODO (verified owner)

    The best Twitch plugin out there! Awesome implementation, keep it up!

  8. qhdkodsp

    Great app!
    But even better is the service delivered with it!
    I had trouble getting it to work properly. Streamweasels took direct action and fixxed the issues.
    The service might even be better than this wonderfull app!

  9. rfroemberg (verified owner)

    Great application to show your Streams with stil!

  10. Connor Nelson-Clarke (verified owner)

    I previously left a review with the product before after having an issue with it, but after a quick email from James I got it resolved quickly. The product itself is the only one of its kind, no other WordPress plugin offers the kind of design and purpose the Twitch Wall Pro plugin does. Even if this plugin were $50, it would be worth the cost to upgrade from the free version!

  11. David Ki (verified owner)

    What should I say! It is truly an awesome plugin to use. Even the support is brilliant. Full money worth!

  12. Dirk (verified owner)

    Amazing Plugin and works perfectly. 5 Stars!

    I used the free version for a while and while it has many features, I upgraded to the PRO version and it is definitely worth every cent.

    Very friendly and helpful team too!

    Wish all plugins worked as well as this one does. So happy to have found it.

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