How to generate StreamWeasels [shortcodes]

Looking to generate a custom shortcode for use with one of our PRO plugins?

WordPress shortcodes are easy, but our StreamWeasels Shortcode Generator makes them even easier. Simply customize the options below and copy / paste the generated shortcode into your own site to output your StreamWeasels Twitch integration.

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Basic Usage

Copy / Paste the Shortcode below into your WordPress site:

Remember when you’re copy / pasting shortcodes into WordPress, to paste into the Editor in HTML mode, or an HTML or Shortcode block! Paste the shortcode only (no surrounding tags!)
Advanced Usage

If you know your way around your theme’s PHP template files, Copy / Paste the PHP below into your PHP files:



You only need the ID parameter if you are using more than one of our Walls / Rails / Players on a single page, and the ID has to be unique for each instance!

The above Shortcodes will only work with Twitch Wall Pro, Twitch Wall Pro Branded, Twitch Rail PRO and Twitch Player PRO and Mixer Wall PRO. Free plugins do not get advanced shortcode usage!

Need Support?

Are you a PRO user? You can get dedicated support by getting in touch here, be sure and quote your license key in the email.