How to configure Twitch Player

The first step to configure your plugin is to head on over to the Settings - > Easy Embed for Twitch page. This is where you will configure your plugin.

Show streams by game

Enter the name of a game to display all the top streamers currently playing that game. This will display a maximum of 20 streams.

Filter streams by language

If you want to only display streams which are set to a specific language, add the ISO language code here.

Show streams by channel

Enter a list of twitch usernames, seperated by a comma (,). You can enter up to 100 streams in the channel field.

Show streams by team

Enter a Twitch team to only display streams from a specific team. This will pull the top 100 streamers from that team.

Show offline channels

Check this box to display offline channels. This will only display offline channels when using either the channel field or the team field.

Show featured stream by default

Check this box to auto-load the stream with the highest viewer count.

Show chat?

Check this box to display chat alongside the embedded stream when a user interacts with your Twitch Player.

Twitch Player shortcode

Use the following shortcodes to display your Twitch Player on your website.

Free users:

[ getTwitchPlayer ]

PRO users:


You can also check out our shortcode generator, which can be used by PRO users to generate more advanced shortcodes for your websites.