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Twitch Player PRO Unlocks

Our family of WordPress plugins for Twitch have been built for flawless integration with the Twitch API. Simply input a game, twitch team, or a list of usernames and allow Twitch Player to do the rest.

  • Multiple Twitch players
  • Advanced shortcode usage
  • Auto-play featured stream & mute
  • Stream limit of 100
  • Display Twitch chat and Stream Title
  • Premium support & 30-day money-back guarantee
Simple interface and configuration
Shortcode allows you to place Twitch Player anywhere on your site

Users can interact with the player and watch their favourite streamers

Twitch TV Player Demo

See our working demo below for Twitch TV Player.

Click one of the streamers to view their stream!

Looking to create your own Shortcodes for your posts and pages? Try our Shortcode Generator.

Shortcode for this Twitch Player: [ getTwitchPlayerPro game="hearthstone" limit="20"]

What are you Waiting For?

Download Twitch Player PRO now and try it out.

Basic £15
6 months license
one site
basic support
Gold £50
unlimited license
unlimited sites
advanced support (plus discord)

2 reviews for Twitch TV Player PRO

  1. HadokenxGaming (verified owner)

    This plugin is super easy to install and operate. The developers support is fantastic, quick responses. Definitely recommend!

  2. Forge (verified owner)

    Fast response from the dev! Purchased the Pro version for some additional flexibility on our website. Works well with WP Bakery page builder, and looks fantastic!

    Check it out here!

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