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Mixer Integration for WordPress

Broadcast Companion (Mixer) is our solution to unlocking the power of the Mixer API and integrating it with your WordPress website.

This WordPress plugin is compatible with Broadcast and Broadcast PRO only, and it integrates with those themes flawlessly to pull your stream status directly from

With Broadcast Companion (Mixer) you can:

  • Show your online status.
  • Show the game you’re playing and your viewer count.
  • Embed your mixer live-stream.
  • Display your past recordings from

All of our WordPress Plugins for Streamers are built professionally and follow the WordPress best practices and standards. They are all fully mobile-responsive, working flawlessly across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices and come with dedicated support.

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Mixer Integration for WordPress

With Broadcast Companion

Broadcast Companion (Mixer) paired with the Broadcast PRO theme.

Broadcast Companion (Mixer) Features

Unlock the Stream Integration for Broadcast Lite and Broadcast PRO through our Companion plugins and see your site come to life every time you’re streaming live on your platform of choice.

  • Show your Mixer online status
  • Link directly to your stream
  • Display up to 6 videos from your channel
  • Show your game playing
  • Show your viewer count
  • Professional and stylish

Twitch Streamers

Mixer Streamers

YouTube Streamers

Download Broadcast Companion (Mixer) Now

Broadcast Companion (Mixer) should be paired with our WordPress Themes – Broadcast Lite or Broadcast PRO.


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